Almu'tamadoon Company for Inspection and Conformity Because we are committed to quality and high efficiency in all areas and take into account our customers and strive for their satisfaction.

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Who we are

It is a leading Libyan company in providing inspection and conformity services and issuing certificates according to international and local specifications, incorporated in 2021; with more than 15 years of extensive expertise and efficiency in providing inspection and conformity services in a quick time, utmost accuracy and complete confidentiality that we guarantee to you, as we work as an impartial third party, it provides solutions to facilitate trade and make the supply safer and more efficient for our customers, in accordance with the best practices applicable internationally and locally.

We follow up on your work and monitor it...anytime and anywhere.

What distinguishes us

1- Our technical expertise along with the superior quality of our services and our ability to anticipate the needs of our customers.
2- Rapid response to all tasks in record time, with extreme accuracy, and with extensive expertise in all fields.
3-Global coverage of laboratories.
4-Certifications and accreditations recognized locally and internationally.

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Company Vision

We seek to provide professional services according to the highest quality standards recognized locally and internationally. We strive to be popular as an impartial third party, provider of the most reliable and customer focused testing, inspection and verification services in our local and international markets. We want to be famous for the quality of our services and our ability to use technical expertise and creativity to anticipate the needs of our clients. We evaluate ourselves by the value we add through our ability and willingness to move forward in providing solutions to our clients.

Our Goals

(Spread – Quality – Continuous Development)

We seek to expand our geographical network, expand our capabilities and technical skills, and provide our services in most continents of the world. We keep pace with everything new to develop our team by taking into account the strictest standards of employment and training in order to maintain our customers and provide the best services with quality and efficiency. We aspire to reach and excel and to be the first choice in the world of inspection and conformity locally and globally.

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The Message

We pledge to provide the highest levels of quality and efficiency and to provide highly competitive services based on modern technology and expertise in accordance with the highest international standards.