Inspection services provided by the company on production lines

  1. Pre-production inspection TPT: assisting in the selection of raw materials with standard specifications and high quality used in the manufacturing process and pre-production process.
  2. During production Inspection DPT/ DUPRO: Monitoring the product and maintaining production quality and conformity to standard specifications by early detection of production errors and correcting them. We also check semi-finished or finished goods when producing at least 40% of the order.
  3. Final random inspection FRT: Inspection of finished products when at least 80% of the order is packed for export through: Taking random samples to check product quality, supervising the loading of cargo containers LS. We make sure the order is completed, documented and loaded safely into the shipping container.
  4. Inspection by non-destructive testing: our inspectors perform several different tests on the industrial product. The quality of the test depends on the type of product, and each product has a different test method.