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Quality control, product assurance and compliance with international standards requires commodity control

We follow up on your work and monitor it...anytime and anywhere.

Become our partner today to perform an independent and reliable inspection

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Quality control, product assurance and compliance with international standards requires commodity control, and this requires highly qualified expertise in order to protect your interests and reduce risks. Be our partner today to perform an independent and reliable inspection.


Through our company, our departments and our employees, we have a single vision through which we seek to raise the efficiency of work and development, reduce waste and pollution, rationalize spending and maintain comprehensive quality standards (technically, mechanically and administratively). Choosing us means that you will get a unique and unparalleled experience according to the highest standards of quality and integrity it guarantees you a safe trade with inspection programs that help you monitor your supplies, and help you develop your product, double your profits, and protect your trade currencies. Through our team, we follow up on your business and monitor it anytime and anywhere.It is done in accordance with the contractual terms and inspection conditions stipulated in international standards ISO-IEC: 17020/2012.

The company also deals with accredited external laboratories that has an accreditation certificate of international standards ISO 172025 according to the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)

Work Ethics and Compliance

Integrity and work ethics are fundamental to the way we do business and are an essential component of how we build our company. The principles of the document and the associated rules and procedures applied to all our activities that include standards of technical and professional conduct in the following areas:
  • Ethical marketing
  • Fair competition
  • Confidentiality and data protection
  • High professionalism
  • Team Efficiency
  • Achievement speed
  • High-quality impartiality and integrity services

Quality Policy

The company carries out inspections and quality assurance based on

  • Complying with professional, legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Applying approved Libyan standards specifications or locally approved international standards according to the National Center for Standardization and Metrology.
  • Terms, specifications and contractual standards between the parties.
  • Continuous development and training of human resources and keeping pace with the new technical developments to provide the best inspection and quality control services to satisfy our customers and to facilitate performing tasks to our employees quickly and efficiently.
  • Conducting all necessary tests and analyzes to ensure quality under standard conditions approved locally and internationally.
  • Commitment to impartiality, independence of judgments, and integrity of our relationships with all parties, and confidentiality of information related to each work.




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